Thursday, August 28, 2014

Order a Matador Tee - Available September 1-15, 2014 only

So…I've been wanting to print this on a tee shirt forever - a Matador project I illustrated in a class at UGA - which developed my illustration style and launched 1000 icons and counting. I discovered, a tee shirt company based in Pittsburgh that has an interesting way of curating artwork by independent artists and offering unique printed tees through social media and crowd funding. Artists set up a profile and submit their art for approval. Once approved, the artist puts up their design for pre-sales in an open market place available to the world and fans of the artist for only a 2 week period. If the tee makes 12 pre-sales before the deadline…the company will print them and ship them 2 weeks after the print date at their cost. If sales reach over 25, then the independent artist will earn royalties on shirts sold. This helps the artist with upfront printing costs and shipping individual orders. I will be sending a shirt to the professor who taught the class. The company uses American Apparel. I ordered my first shirt of a friend's design last night. It's kind of a neat thing to be able to say… I know the person who created this design. The tee will be available for purchase around September 1-15, 2014 at